Dr. Erik Kuravsky received the Honorable Mention for the inaugural Ted Kisiel Junior Scholar Award

Dr. Erik Kuravsky who pursues his post-doctoral research at the Chair of Philosophy at the Theological Faculty of the University of Erfurt received the Honorable Mention for the inaugural Ted Kisiel Junior Scholar Award.

With the paper titled "The Turn as a Meta-Ethical Event: Thinking Through and Beyond Heidegger's Hints on the Problem of Evil" Dr. Erik Kuravsky has won an Honorable Mention for the inaugural Ted Kisiel Junior Scholar Award. 

The Heidegger Circle of North America will hold a satalite session dedicated exclusively to the award winning paper and the two honorable mentions at the Eastern APA (American Philosophical Association) in January of 2023 in Montreal, CA.  

The Heidegger Circle of North America inaugurates the Ted Kisiel Junior Scholar Award for outstanding Junior Scholarship in the memory of Ted Kisiel, who was especially dedicated to nurturing emerging scholars and was a founding member of the Heidegger Circle. A renowned Heidegger scholar who taught at Northern Illinois University until his retirement, Kisiel was author of the seminal study The Genesis of Heidegger's Being and Time and translator of Heidegger's 1925 lecture course History of the Concept of Time, among many other notable accomplishments. (cf. Heidegger Circle)

Erik Kuravsky

Dr. Erik Kuravsky was born in the former Soviet Union and lived in Israel since the age of 11. There he first studied Cognitive Sciences and Psychology in the Open University and then did his MA and PhD in Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. During his studies he was teaching Kant and Hume and specialized in Phenomenology in general and the philosophy of Heidegger in particular. He wrote his PhD thesis under the guidance of Prof. Hagi Kenaan titled "On the Several Senses of Transcendence in Heidegger" that is soon to be published. 

Dr. Kuravsky came to Erfurt in order to proceed with his research of Heidegger's non-public texts of the 1930s and 1940s. The title of his project is "The Origin of Human Agency in Heidegger's Esoteric Writings" In general, Dr. Kuravsky is interested in revising the traditional understanding of human experience in general and of human agency in particular in order to free them from their historically metaphysical limitations which remain unthought and hence determine implicitly both the scientific and the philosophical studies of human existence.